Voiceboard Voice over IP (VoIP) Software Library

Voiceboard Voice over IP (VoIP) software library is a set of downloadable modules for MediaPro embedded DSP resource board products. The VoIP library APIs support host application software access to a broad range of voice coding, VoIP and VoATM functionality.

The VoIP software library includes G.726 ADPCM, G.729A/B CS-ACELP, G.723.1 and G.711 /a-law PCM vocoders, conversion of DTMF and Call Progress signals into IP data packets, G.168 Echo Cancellation, AGC, Comfort Noise Generation and Jitter buffering.

The VoIP software library is a member of the MediaPro product line, a modular series of cPCI and VMEbus telecommunications boards and embedded software.

The VoIP DSP library contains the following modules:

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