Voiceboard HDLC DSP Software (and Hardware) Module

Voiceboard’s HDLC module consists of a DSP and Power PC based PMC mezzanine module running performance optimized HDLC software. The HDLC module is plug compatible with any of the Voiceboard T1/E1/J1 network interface controllers or DSP carrier boards for the cPCI and VME System busses.

Voiceboard network interface controllers and carrier boards include an time slot interface device for access to back plane H.110 and SCSA TDM data busses (for cPCI and VME, respectively), along with switching of local TDM data streams. The HDLC module software API provides user control of the timeslot interchange device.

The HDLC module Power PC provides DSP resource management, as well as managing a highly flexible shared ring buffer memory. The timeslot interchange and ring buffer API’s allow host control of HDLC processing on channelized (64K DS0 TDM streams), unchannelized (T1, J1 or E1 bandwidth) and fractional T1/J1/E1 span data bandwidths (multiples of 64Kbps). Channel data may be grouped in any timeslot order and data may be organized by any channel grouping.

The following features are included in the HDLC module:

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