Voiceboard History

Voiceboard was founded in 1989 to provide custom communications solutions as a subcontractor on selected military and aviation communications contracts. The Company was successful in securing major projects for the National Weather Service in 1991 and the U.S. Navy “Top Gun”and Air Force range training schools in 1994. Since 1997, the Company shifted its focus to developing and selling standard production embedded hardware and software products that may be produced and sold in volume quantities to telecommunications OEM’s and system integrators. Voiceboard was first in the industry to introduce communications products for the VME bus incorporating communications switching capabilities.

Today Voiceboard designs, manufactures and markets embedded cPCI and VME hardware and software products to OEM's and system integrators building next generation network infrastructure products for carrier class communications, homeland security and military communications markets. Voiceboard subsystem and board technology products include VoIP media gateways, network conferencing, G3 FAX, V.90 modem, wireless switching and SS7 signaling. Voiceboard products are currently deployed in numerous carrier, service provider, wireless and military applications.

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